Okan Storm Chaser
(Okan Storm King X Okan Jessica May)
Owned & Loved by Barbara Friesenhahn

Cibolo, TX

Okan Red Bentley
(Madrona Rubicon X Karenza Queen of Hearts)
Resides in Apex NC home Lynn Harvey

Okan Nancy Allen
(Madrona Sealect Lad X Madrona Bridget)
Owned by Wendy Hanger, Idaho​

Okan IceMan​ above
(Eastbrook Vigilant X Okan Li'l Darling)
Proudly owned by Ron & Cherry Gonzales​


Okan Jessica May
(Aswyn JeNeSais Quoi X Wachuset Meredith)
Congrats to Jessica Covey of Canaan VT​

Okan KayDee

(Randallane Oasis X Okan Lady Ann)

​Owned by Kelly Breton, Pickens SC

Okan Extraordinare
(Madrona Sealect Lad X Madrona Bridget)
Now loved by Karen Tellef, Crete, IL​

Okan Count on Me
(Okan Storm King X Okan Duchess)
Owned & Loved by Barbara Friesenhahn

Cibolo, TX

Okan Rememberance ​below
(Good News Joshua x Okan Resolutions)
Proudly owned by Ron & Cherry Gonzales​

Okan Andromeda
(Okan Storm King x Wachuset Meredith)
owned by Jim Watson, Montana
Romie is leading the mules in Glacier Park​

Okan Gentleman Jim

Okan a Bud Lite
(Sandrock Joel X Madrona Bridget)
Proudly owned & loved by Mo Goodal, Omak WA​


Four Hearts LaLuna
(Karenza Centurian X Karenza Daphne)
Owned & Loved by DeAnn Gabrick

Hickory Valley, TN

Okan Alison Ash
(Meredith Bilirubin X Good News Priscilla)
Now owned and loved by 
Kelly Breton, Pickens SC

Okan Jessie's Pride
(Good News Joshua X Okan Jessica May)
Owned & Loved by Patricia Yost,

Fortine,  MT.

Okan Ravyn

(Good News Joshua x Okan MisTaylor)

Owned & Loved by Butch & Donna Lutter

of Arizona

Okan Missed Easter
(Meredith Bilirubin X Good News Priscilla)

Now resides in Australia

​Okan Lock Down & Okan Joyous Freedom

Owned & Loved by Cameron Leslie and Paula Calza

​Spokane WA

Okan Maximus Black
(Brook Hill Constillation X Okan MisTaylor)
Owned & Loved by Leslie Mulssel,  WA.

Okan Mojave

(Randallane Oasis x Okan Lexus) 

Found his new family with Matt & Shaylyn Stewart and looks like a match made in heaven.

Okan Crescent
 (Equinox Beaubrook X Okan Li'l Darling)  
Now owned and loved by Tamsie Cooper of Colorado

Okan John Ethan
(Meredith Bilirubin X Equinox Sarah Darling)
Proudly owned & loved by Carol Thomas, MT
Repeat... Carol is also the proud owner 
of Okan Adonis!

(Meredith Bilirubin x Good News Priscilla) 

Okan Lucky Lady
(Brook Hill Constillation X Okan Lady Ann)
Owned & Loved by Adel Payne, MT.

Now owned by Robert Hensel, Park Rapids MN

Okan Red Jack
(Okan MisTerious X OkanDuchess)
Owned & Loved by Allen & Susan Weinert

Montana City, MT.

Okan Mystical Bounty (Tig)

(Okan MisTerious x Okan Winters Bounty

Owned by John & Julie Franson,

Soda Springs ID

Good News Priscilla
(Meredith Smoky X Cleaves Bonny Bay)
Owned & Loved by Mary Wilke, WI​ until her passing.

Okan King Friday
(Meredith Bilirubin X Good News Priscilla)
Owned & Loved by Karen Burke, Buckley, WA​

Okan Roxanne (Karenza Orion X Okan Sarah)
Okan Queen Bea (Good News Joshua x Karenza Queen of Hearts)
Okan Fancy Lady ( Karenza Orion x Okan Valiant Lady)
Congratulation to John & Carol Kusterle
Marion, UT

Eastbrook Vigilant
(Eastbrook Osiris Mouse x Good News Priscilla)
Congrats to Faith Muello, AZ

Okan Valiant Lady
(Meddo's Valiant x Kiva Annabell)
Congratulations Marilyn!​

(Okan Count on Me x Okan Lexus

Owned by Connie Trawick,

Encondido CA 

Okan Bugatti (AJ)

Okan GoFigure
(Sandrock Joel X Okan Li'l Darling)
Proudly owned & Loved by Shaylyn Goodall, Washington​

Don & Mary Curtis - Okan Morgans

PO Box 54, 99 Ironwood Street

Oroville  WA  98844

email: okanmorg@nvinet.com

Home phone: 509-476-2004 leave message 

Mary's cell 509-560-0252

Okan He Rock
(Meredith Bilirubin x Okan Valiant Lady)
Congrats! Rebecca & Kurt Patton, Puyallup WA

Karenza Queen of Hearts
(John Ethan Ashbrook x Venturous Megan)
Now owned & loved by Judy Mosman

Okan Morgans

Okan Ultimate Ability
(Okan Count on Me X Okan Ultimate Sacrifice)
Owned & Loved by Marcia Geil

Reno, NV

(Okan Count on Me x Okan Lady Ann

Owned by Theresa Sammons of WA

Okan a Oly
(Karenza Orion x Okan Lady Ann)
Congrats to Connie Paschall,


Okan MisTerious
(Brook Hill Constellation X Okan MisTaylor)
Owned & Loved by Caroline Brooke, TX.

Wachuset Meredith
(Meredith Bruce X Meredith Nora)
Owned by Roni O'Connor, Canada

Okan Storm Chaser
(Okan Storm King X Okan Jessica May)
Owned & loved by Jon & Sue May, Texas

​we purchased her back in 2019