We just LOVE his personality.  Such a sweet boy but still has that look at me attitude.  

Very easy to handle and work with.  Smart & willing..

To date Count has sired 3 fillies and 4 colts so far.

​Photo at 3 wks

​Photo at 5 months

Okan Sarah out with Count.  We have had trouble getting and keeping this lovely mare in foal for several years but Count was sucessful in 2019.   Count's has produced 1 filly in 2019, 2 colts in 2020 and 2 fillies in 2021.  We are having his semen collected and frozen for the future, his foals are correct, smart, kind and VERY athletic.


​Photo at 1 year

Stallion Prospect

​We will only be standing our stallion to outside mares for live cover by pasture breeding. NO hand breeding will be done.   We have frozen semen collected and frozen for Okan Count on Me, and may have that available in the future. 

Taken 4-17-2023.  He's such an easy going mellow guy.  Still in his winter woolies and hanging out with his girlfriends.  He's got a great life.

5-7-17 Okan Count on Me - sacking out.

We have worked with

"Marq" thru the

obstacles both

in-hand and while

being ponied and he

is smart and very 

willing.  We love his

calm and relaxed


5-7-17 Count with a sack of cans being drug next to him.

Okan Count on Me

(Okan Storm King x Okan Duchess)

Bay-Star & snip    DOB 3-7-2015

Okan Morgans


Okan Marquess

(Okan Count on Me x Okan Storm Chaser)

Bay-Star    DOB 5-24-2022

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