What is a Lippitt Morgan

The Lippitt is a unique horse: handsome, typey, and versatile. It is a member of a strain of Morgans that has no 20th century outcrosses to other breeds, resulting in the highest percentage of the original Morgan blood available today.

The term "high percentage" refers to the concentration of blood achieved by linebreeding to the original Justin Morgan ("Figure"). A careful study of Lippitt pedigrees illustrates the intensity of this breeding technique as practiced by the early Morgan breeders, and because the Lippitt has been linebred for generations, its unique Morgan qualities have been reinforced.

For years the Lippitt has demonstrated the ability to thrive on simple living conditions, working hard and requiring a minimum of pampering. The early Vermonters valued their "big little horse," for the Morgan accomplished whatever was asked of him: clearing land, driving, performing in parades, or racing down a country road. The Lippitt, who learns quickly and loves to try new things, is truly like his early ancestors.

The ideal Lippitt Morgan ranges in height from 14.1 to 15.1 hands. He has a short head, great width between the eyes, and a well-crested neck of medium length, which comes out of the top of a long, well-laid-back shoulder and blends smoothly through the withers into a well-sprung, deep body. The back is short and smoothly joined to the hindquarters; the croup is long, wide, and slightly sloping, balancing the front quarters. The legs have long forearms, thighs, and gaskins, and short cannons, with medium length pasterns corresponding to shoulder angle. A compact horse with substance of bone combined with refinement, spirited yet controllable energy influences his powerful, rapid, and elastic gaits.  For more information please check: http://www.lippittclub.net/what-is-a-lippitt-morgan/  This page is dedicated to the Lippitt Morgan.

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Welcome to Okan Morgans
Home of one of the largest herds of Lippitts in North America.

Our Introduction to the Lippitt Morgan was thru the great stallion Meredith Bilirubin (Stillwater Indigo X Major's Nubbin).  'Bili' came to live with us as a 7 year old and he lived with us until his passing at age 30.  We retain several of his sons & daughters and will always try and retain his bloodlines in our herd.

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