​We will not be standing either stallion to outside mares for live cover.  We intend to have both stallions semen collected and frozen and will have that available in the future.  .

5-7-17 Count with a sack of cans being drug next to him.

5-7-17 Okan Count on Me - sacking out.

​January 2019.

Rio on May 11th, 2017  His favorite things are sleeping, eating, playing and growing, not necessarily in that order :-)

Photos at 1 day old with his mom Okan MisTaylor​​

May 2018 Okan MisTerious

Okan Count on Me

(Okan Storm King x Okan Duchess)

Bay-Star & snip    DOB 3-7-2015

We just LOVE his personality.  Such a sweet boy but still has that look at me attitude.  Very easy to handle and work with.  Smart & willing..

We will put Rio to one mares this year Okan Duchess, but still going slow.  We like to give them every opportunity to grow up mentally..

On March 4th 2018 we put Okan Sarah out with Count.  We have had trouble getting and keeping this lovely mare in foal for several years but wanted to try again.  On June 1st she was ultrasounded in foal.  Cross your fingers she will deliver Count's first foal in 2019.  ​SUCCESS!  Count is a daddy.  Sarah delivered a brown filly 4-25-19!!

5-7-17 Count standing on the block.  What a good boy.

Rio is becoming an expert at all the in hand trail obstacles.  This is one smart & willing boy.  We really love him.

"Count" 4-10-17 we think this 2 yr old is growing nicely and has all the makings of a wonderful herd sire.

Photo at 2 weeks old

Okan Morgans

Taken of "Count 4-25-2015

Taken March 2018

"Count" in the Fall of 2015

Taken 8-30-16.  This was his first trip to the river

​Okan MisTerious "aka Rio"

(BrookHill Constellation x Okan MisTaylor)

Black - Blaze and 4 white socks     DOB 5-13-2016​​