Okan Morgans

Okan Count on Me

(Okan Storm King x Okan Duchess)

Bay-Star & snip    DOB 3-7-2015

Randallane Oasis (aka Ace)

We just LOVE his personality.  Such a sweet boy but still has that look at me attitude.  Very easy to handle and work with.  Smart & willing..

"Count" in the Fall of 2015

Taken of "Count 4-25-2015

​March 2018 Count is our with his first girlfriend.  They are in a 3 acre pasture and she will teach him all about being a gentleman with the ladies 

Rio is becoming an expert at all the in hand trail obstacles.  This is one smart & willing boy.  We really love him.

"Count" 4-10-17 we think this 2 yr old is growing nicely and has all the makings of a wonderful herd sire.

Taken 8-30-16.  This was his first trip to the river

Taken March 2018

5-7-17 Count with a sack of cans being drug next to him.

Photo at 2 weeks old

​Okan MisTerious "aka Rio"

(BrookHill Constellation x Okan MisTaylor)

Black - Blaze and 4 white socks     DOB 5-13-2016​​

5-7-17 Okan Count on Me - sacking out.

While they are still to young to actually call stallions, we have great hopes for these two boys.  Only time will tell.

"Ace" was on Lease from his owner Jenifer Blanchett-Morse for the summer and has since gone home to Wyoming.  

We are hopeful that we will have 3 foals by him born in 2018

Ace 5-13-17, shed out and with two mares safely in foal.

Okan Lady Ann due April 2018 & Okan Lexus Delived a colt 3-9-18

​Okan MisTaylor is Due in May 2018

Rio on May 11th, 2017  His favorite things are sleeping, eating, playing and growing, not necessarily in that order :-)

5-7-17 Count standing on the block.  What a good boy.

Photos at 1 day old with his mom Okan MisTaylor​​

(Randallane Genesis X Madrona April Twilight)

This makes "Ace" a Meredith Bilirubin grandson as well as a son of Randallane Genesis who carries the genetics of all 25 Lippitt Foundation horses.

            Okan Sarah                                                           Okan Count on Me