Lady Ann has produced 4 very nice foals Okan A Oly brown gelding in 2009, Black filly Okan Lucky Lady in 2016 and Bay filly Okan Kaydee in 2018.  In 2020 she produced a BEAUTIFUL brown colt my Okan County on Me.  She is one of the kindest mares and mothers you would want to be around. She is NOT for sale.

​We will breed her again in 2021 for a 2022 foal

Okan Duchess
 (Karenza Orion X Karenza Queen of Hearts)
Brown - no white    DOB 5-25-09

Another really nice mare with that WOW factor.  She is stunning and a beautiful mover.  Everything we could have dreamed of from this cross and we are so glad to have her.  Both bold & friendly.  Another one that should be fun!

Not offered for sale at this time.
She completed her 90 days of saddle training and what an awesome mare, very content on the trail to lead or follow. 
Lexus has now produced two colts for us, both by Good News Joshua.

2018 her foal (colt) will be retained by our grand daughter.

​3-12-20 foaled a brown colt by Okan Count On Me  

Okan Ultimate Sacrifice
(Good News Joshua X Okan Jessica May)
Bay few white hairs - DOB 5/25/2015​


We call her 'BB' she is always off like a shot.  She is a very confident foal.  Big strong and bold.  She is handled consistently and is working on all the in hand trail obstacles.  'BB' has completed her 90 days of professional saddle training.

​We are retaining her for our herd.

​In foal to Okan Count on Me for a 2021 foal.

Okan Winters Bounty
(Good News Joshua X Okan Li'L Darling)
DOB 1-1-2013 Bay few white hairs

​​Okan Sarah
(Meredith Bilirubin X Kiva Annabell)
Bay with Strip       DOB: 8-24-99



Duchess was born as a bay with no white but soon shed out to a beautiful dark (black bay).  Even looks black at times.  She's a very sweet and friendly filly.  Very curious & bold.  We just LOVE this mare.   We measured her at 15.1h this year..  She has done her 90 days of saddle training with Talisman Training Center, and has also completed several Competitive Trail Competitions and is a very skilled Combined Driving mare as well.  This lady can do it all.   
In 2015 she delivered a bay colt by Okan Storm King and so far we like him well enough to keep him whole for a future breeding stallion!
Not offered for sale!

Duchess delivered a beautiful chestnut colt on

January 2, 2020 by Okan MisTerious



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Okan Lexus
(Eastbrook Vigilant X Okan Sarah)
Brown-no white DOB 5-15-08

 This is one nice filly and we will be keeping her for our herd. She is really growing up.  We did quite a bit of ground training last summer and introduced her to many obstacles from the ground.  She is very smart and willing.
She LOVES to run and is a real joy to watch.​​

In foal for a 2021 foal


​​Okan Lady Ann
(Meredith Bilirubin X Viliant Lady)
Brown no white       DOB: 2-12-2002

Okan Morgans

Summer 2018.

​'Tessa' November 2018, she's growing like a weed.

She is is quick as a cat and can spin on a dime!   Really likes people and interacting with them.  She is very inquisitive, a big strong girl with lots of spunk and an opinion about everything.  It will be wonderful fun watching her mature. As a three yr old she has started driving and has completed her 90 days of saddle training, 2019 has been a great year for Winnie .  Her first event she won the Driving Derby, 1st in the Driven Dressage and Won the Preliinary Single Pony DT.  Next event was a 2 day CTC and she ribboned each day out of 20+ horses in her division.  At the Inavale CDE she place 1st overall in the Preliminary Single Pony Div. She has so much presence and style :-)      ​
NOT for sale.

Winnie is in foal for 2021 

Chase came home to us in April 2019 to join our mare band. 

She is in foal to Okan MisTerious for a 2020 baby.

​Don says she may be competing in Carriage Driving Events in the future since she has had some basic carriage training 4 yrs ago, you just never know. 



​Okan Red Jack (Okan Duchess x Okan Misterious) 5 days old


Okan Lucky Lady 

(Brook Hill Constelation x Okan Lady Ann)

Black filly-star and Right hind coronet       DOB 3-13-16


Okan Storm Chaser

(Okan Storm King X Okan Jessica May)

DOB 2-9-2007 Bay 

All I can say about this mare is WOW
Substantial of build & beautiful to behold.  14.2h.  She is friendly & bold, smart and can turn on a dime.  MisT has had 90 days professional training.  A comment from the trainer is " she just puts her head down & goes for it no matter what we ask of her".  Which is exactly what we expected from this mare. This is my preferred riding horse.  Our Grand daughter is riding her in the photo.

Here is a short video of MisTaylor.

MisT and Taylor on their first ride together and she placed 1st at their Competitive trail competition

We will be keeping MisTaylor for our breeding program.

She is ultra sounded in foal to Brook Hill Constellation 

for a 2021 foal. 

Chase with her first foal born 6-25-2020.  A Bay colt

​EI CDE 2019 - She had the fastest times in 5 of her 6 obstacles that day.  Smokin HOT!

​She also WON the best dressage :-)

Okan Contessa (BrookHill Constellation X Okan Duchess) DOB 5-8-17

Luna came to us July of 2018 to join our mare band. 

​Our Grand daughter rode her and now we have a good idea of how much work we have ahead of us.  She is very kind and friendly and has settled in very well with the rest of the herd.

Luna foaled a Bay colt 4-15-20 by Okan MisTerious

Okan Empress
 (Okan Count on Me X Okan Lady Ann)
Brown - no white    DOB 4/25/2019

Okan Contessa
(Brook Hill Constellation X Okan Duchess)
DOB 5-8-2017 Brown

She is driving GREAT, this hazzard was at the

Combined Driving Event in June 2019.

First Driving Trial 2019.  She is wonderful!  

Four Hearts LaLuna

(Karenza Centurion X Karenza Daphne

DOB 5-18-2012 Chestnut 

Sarah has produced 2 very nice filly foals for us.  She is also a steady trail horse and shows little fear on the trails.  One of those point & shoot horses.  She loves people and attention and is very tough to get photo's of, once she see's you she is in your pocket.

​We are hopeful for a foal from Sarah in 2018 wich will be for sale.

Sarah is NOT for sale.   

​We will try for a repeat of a 2021 foal by Okan Count on Me!!

Okan MisTaylor

(Okan Storm King X  Wachuset Meredith)

​Black, Blaze & left rear white. DOB 5-29-07

Okan Joyous Heart
(Good News Joshua X Karenza Queen of Hearts)
DOB 5-23-11 Bay - star

What a worker with substance and style.  This mare is 15h and really big bodied.  Big Butt, nice shoulder, short back,

curious & friendly truly proving to be a great competitor!!  
Nice flowing gate with a long flowing stride/overstep.
We are very proud of the way she is growing up.
Joy is driving and took to it like she has always been doing it.

She has an amazing record as a combined driving competitor!  She also competes in Competitive Trail Competitions and has an impressive resume from that as well. Joy has competed at 'A' rated Morgan Show ring to add to her resume, she is a Superstar!!  

     We are SO pleased with this mare!!      
Not for sale.​

Joy foaled a chestnut colt by Okan MisTerious 5-9-20