Our first.  Big Chestnut colt. with a small star 

(Okan Count on Me x Okan Lexus)

​Born 3-16-2020 Brown colt

​2020 at Okan Morgans!.

Baby #3 - available for purchase

​The Mountian Magic Competitive Trail Competition.

Great ride.  4 Okan Morgans and two dear friends made this a very fun weekend!!

Baby #2 has arrived.

Photo's of Bugatti and Gentleman Jim taken 6-20

They sure look like twins :-)

 (Okan Count on Me X Okan Lady Ann)

Born 2-28-2020 Brown Colt - SOLD

 (Okan MisTerious X Okan Joyour Heart )

Born 5 - 9 -2020 Chestnut colt

Baby #4 - Available for purchase 

One horse "Okan Winters Bounty" (Good News Joshua X Okan Li'l Darling) with 2 riders/1 driver over 4 days. 

We are so proud of this 6 yr old filly and her people!!

Baby #6 - Available for purchases 

 (Okan MisTerious X Four Hearts LaLuna)

Born 4 - 15 -2020 ​ ​Bay colt

Since the 2020 show was cancelled due to Covid 19 I will leave the highlights from 2020 on the page.

#1 Foaled 1-2-2020 - available for purchase

​2019 at Okan Morgans!.

​​​​​Okan StormWarning

​First show, B.C. Morgan Show May 30-June 2, 2019

​​​​​Okan Lock Down

​​June 13-14 Trinity Trail Competitive Trail Challange

 (Okan MisTerious X Okan Storm Chaser )

Born 6 - 25 -2020

   Mary Curtis                   Taylor Curtis                    Don Curtis                      Corene Curtis

Okan Duchess           Okan MisTaylor                   Okan Jessie's Pride                 Okan Winters Bounty       

Okan Morgans

​​​​Okan Gentleman Jim

​​​​​​​​​​​Okan Joyous Freedom

Baby #5 - Available for purchase 

First time "Gent" was turned out.  Meeting Honey.

​New Owner Theresa Sammons.

    Okan Bugatti